The Sierra County youth swim team, the T-or-C TigerSharks held their closing ceremony Thursday, July 29, at the T-or-C Municipal swimming pool. Though there is talk of possibly continuing practices in the off season, and even perhaps a high school swim team, the team concluded their official season with a swim meet between the Tiger’s, coached by Kahden Vienna, and the Sharks, coached by Jaimee Green. 

There were many awards to be given to the swimmers this season. State Championship ribbons were distributed, with numerous placements in the top 16 swimmers in the state, including the second fastest boy’s 8-years-and-Under, Brock Boone, who brought home the silver medal in the 25-meter backstroke.

Other top ten scores included two fourth place finishes for Kendal Vienna in freestyle and backstroke, along with a sixth place for the butterfly. Girls 9-10-years, Ali “Cat” Coronado placed eighth in freestyle, seventh in backstroke, and ninth in the breaststroke, with Mikayla Roper placing eighth in the butterfly.

Khloie Holmes took eighth place in butterfly and fellow 8-years-and-under Brock Boone placed ninth in freestyle. In the 15-years-and-up TigerSharks, Jaimee Green placed seventh in the butterfly, Kahden Vienna placed seventh in long freestyle and eighth in the butterfly, while Noah Allen pulled out a seventh place for backstroke. 

All in all, 16 TigerSharks qualified in individual races, and took an additional four swimmers to compete in the relays, which was a TigerShark Record!

Speaking of records, the team this year broke two existing TigerShark records and set six new Team Records! Ali-Cat Coronado swam a 0:25.79, 25-meter breaststroke, breaking the existing 2019 record held by Felina Woolf, at 0:26.05. Kahden Vienna pulled out a 0:27.91 in the men’s 15-18-year, 50-meter butterfly, to push out the long standing record holder Forest Bolen who’s 2012 time of 0:29.13.

The girl’s 15-18-year, 200-meter medley relay team including Natalie Molby, Ivy Bobelu, Jaimee Green, and Alejandra Prince set a new team record with a time of 2:54.91, and Kendal Vienna set two new records for girl’s 11-12-years, 50-meter freestyle and 50-meter backstroke. Teammate Ivy Bobelu set a new record for the girl’s 11-12-years, 50-meter breaststroke, and both Khloie Holmes and Jaime Green set records for the girl’s 8-years-and-under, and the 15-18-year, butterfly events respectively. 

As far as team awards went, 14 swimmers received most improved trophies for the swim season, including Ambrose Apodaca, Colt Sweeney, MiKayla Roper, Schina Rosario, Carolann Kidwell, Hayliegh Frazier, Gabriel Foerstner, Wrylan Sullenger, Greyson Dankert, Boden Sullenger, Natalie Molby, Noah Allen, Khloie Holmes, and Brock Boone.

Awardees of the “Best All-Around Swimmers” included Noah Allen, Ali-Cat Coronado, Illyana Mancuso, Daniel Tolley, Ivy Bobelu, Kendal Vienna, Andrew Tolley, Alejandra Prince, Kahden Vienna, and Jaimee Green.

A special “Lifetime Achievement Award” was presented to Jaimee Green for her service and dedication to the swim team for the past 9 years. Even though she is eligible to swim for one more season, she will be graduating high school in December and then going off to college in Texas. 

The final and most prestigious award given by the TigerSharks Swim Team is the Tiger Heart Award. There will be a separate article on the history of this award, and the swimmer who received it this year in next week’s Sentinel. The kids had an amazing season, and everyone is so proud of all of their accomplishments. We would like to thank the community for their continued support and look forward to resuming swimming next season.

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