The varsity Tiger Girls basketball team opened the 2021-22 season on their home court, in the Den taking on the Cliff Cowgirls. Though the Tigers had to wear a 35-42 loss in the game, the team looks strong look, and outperformed their opponent 25-24 in the second half.

The Tiger girls are playing a faster pace and are matching the physicality and tough play of their opponents, while still staying well out of foul trouble, being called for only nine fouls while Cliff was called for 21. In fact, one area of the Tiger’s game that should be easy to improve, with plenty of practice, is their work from the line. They made 11 of 23 attempts from the charity stripe, something that could easily have changed the outcome of this one.

After a slow start in the first half, where they went to the locker room to talk it over in a 10-18 hole, the team came back with a vengeance, shooting more and better and forcing the action. Passing was sharper, defense was tighter and the energy the Tigers showed all added up to a second half that showed the potential this team has.

There were only four Tigers carrying the scoring load, with Logan Woods leading things off with 13 points, including shooting five of eight from the line. Marixa Garcia put up ten points. Her attacks on the hoop in the fourth resulted in four fouls on Cliff and sent her to the line four times in the quarter. Adding in points were Alex Gonzales who had eight points in her varsity debut, and Alicia Gonzales with four points, draining a pair of buckets in the second half.

Though not putting up points the rest of the Tigers weren’t quiet. Every errant shot at either end saw multiple Tigers working for, as well as battling for every loose ball. Driving the ball up the court, Tigers were able to bring it through the Cliff defenders, passing the ball strong and often and with increasing accuracy.

With more than a week off, the team will have time to work on all areas of their game before heading down to Hatch for the Red or Green Tournament, December 2-4, where they will face three opponents over the three day. We’re looking forward to seeing these Tiger girls compete on the court. After the tournament the Tigers head out for four games on the road before returning to the friendly confines of the Den on Thursday, December 16 when they face Chaparral.

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