After a week’s break in competition, the Tigers traveled to take on the Hatch Bears, Tuesday October 5 for their first District 3 match. The Bears are a very talented team that compete for district every year, and this year is no different. 

The game kicked off with both teams playing strong. Eventually the Bears speed and size advantage took its toll, and they were able to break through the Tiger’s defense for a goal. The Tigers, try as they might, found defending against the Bears difficult and by halftime had conceded 8 goals. The Tigers had opportunities to score but the Bears’ defense and goalkeeper blocked everything the Tigers sent their way.

In the second half began the Tigers came out determined to stop the Bears and score get goals. Though scoring proved difficult, the Tigers found more success disrupting the Bears’ attack, preventing them from scoring for long stretches. After seven minutes into the half, the Bears were able to score a ninth goal.

After more back and forth a Bears striker was fouled inside the Tiger penalty area setting up the Bears to win off a penalty kick. Though the Tiger goalkeeper dove, the ball was just barely out of reach and the Bears scored their tenth goal, ending the match at 0-10 about halfway through the second half.

Next Up, Tigers V Socorro

The Tigers traveled to Socorro Saturday to take on the Warriors in another district battle. From the kickoff of this game, the wind was blowing steadily making controlling the ball more difficult than normal and difficult to judge when in the air.

Socorro came out of the gate on fire and got scored an early goal. Reeling, the Tigers tried to get something going, but the Warriors were able to get into the penalty box and get goals. Socorro’s first four shots all resulted in goals! Though down, the Tigers were definitely not out, coming back with several opportunities to score. Unfortunately, the Warriors goalkeeper was able to make the saves.

Right before the end of the half, a penalty kick awarded to the Tigers was grabbed by the high winds and failed to find net.

Two more attempts were saved by the Warrior goalkeeper before the end of the half. As the teams regrouped at halftime the score stood at 0-5 in favor of the Warriors. The second half proved more difficult for the Tigers to get any offense going as the wind did them no favors. The Warriors were able to put passes and possession together and the goals kept coming. With the Warriors adding five more goals the second half and the match, ended seven before the end of regulation when the score hit 0-10. Though frustrated, the Tigers never quit.

Home At Tiger Stadium Against NMMI

At home, the Tigers faced their third district match in seven days, taking on NMMI. When a young, learning and improving team like the Tigers goes up against an elite team, ranked third in the state, the outcome might be obvious, but the heart and determination shown by the Tigers was still strong and on full display.

The visiting Colts were able to score early and repeatedly. Though the Tigers never wavered in competing, the larger and more experienced NMMI team was able to run up ten goals and secure the win just before the end of the first half.

Next up for the Tigers is a 1:00 p.m. Saturday, October 16 match against Hatch Valley at home in Tiger Stadium.

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