The school mascot formerly known as Tony the Tiger is in search of a new name. Not only Tony but his friend and companion mascot, who has gone by various names as well. Our Tiger mascots, who for years were relegated to hanging out in storage rooms and coatracks at the high school have been reenergized by the Tiger Cheer team and have been making regular appearances at games and matches in support of the Tiger’s teams, as well as assemblies and other school functions. There, to the delight of fans young and old, they have worked to pump up the crowd, pose for pictures with some of our youngest and been seen trading high fives with teachers and coaches.

Recently “Tony,” as portrayed by HSHS freshman Cole Segura, won first place in the New Mexico Bowl High School Mascot Challenge at UNM. It was that performance in fact, that led to bringing into focus the need to rename our much-loved mascot.

Unfortunately, the name “Tony the Tiger” is a registered trademark owned by the Kellogg Company, after being created by graphic artists Eugene Kolkey and Leo Burnett, for use in advertising, notably its iconic Sugar Frosted Flakes breakfast cereal.

With our own Tiger mascots creating a stir and taking on new life, the schools are faced with the need to come up with a new name for Tony and his friend, portrayed by HSHS freshman Alex Gonzales, shown in the accompanying photos. So, the challenge is open. Suggestions are being taken for consideration. The final names will be selected not so much by popular vote as by consensus among the schools and the Tiger Cheer team, of which our furry friends are members. Send in your suggestions to Hot Springs High School, or drop them off with any cheer team member or send them to the Sierra County Sentinel at:

The Only Limitation Is Your Imagination

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