The 2020-21 basketball season came to an end for the Tiger girls Saturday, May 1 when they traveled to face Hatch’s Lady Bears. It was the second game of a back to back with the team, ranked second in the state, and the sixth of six games in as many days for our Tiger Girls which they had to wear a loss, 26-44.

Through the six district games, the Tigers played three back-to-backs, one with each of their district opponents. the scores told only part of the story. Beginning on Monday at home and Tuesday on the road against Cobre, the final scores were 19-59 and 22-42. The Wednesday and Thursday matchups were against Socorro, where the scores were 31-54 at home and 61-22 at Socorro. Finally, against Hatch to close out the season our scores were 34-58 and 26-44. Through the six-day marathon, the team showed glimmers of their potential. Speed, passing and tight defense were strengths that can be built on. Shooting and scoring are areas that need work, but are something that work in the summer, and simply spending more time at the parks or driveway, shooting can fix. Skills can be taught and built on, but heart, attitude, fire and the never give up spirit cannot be. Either an athlete has those or they do not. Fortunately, our Tiger girls have those qualities.

The Tigers have competed hard all season with a squad that started out small and young and was then further depleted by injuries. Despite being swept in District-3 competition, the Tigers remained competitive, spirited and hardworking throughout. There is a solid core, who should all return next year, along with several others who sat out this season. The core includes both veterans led by Alicia Gonzales, Marissa Varela, Marixa Garcia, Brooklynn Garcia and Logan Woods, and a group who formed the nucleus of the eighth-grade team that put together a 10-5 season and who are now freshmen. They will be joined by incoming freshmen next year who were on a 5-1 middle school team. The pipeline of talent is flowing strong and all that remains is to put together the pieces. The key, of course, is hard, consistent work. There is a summer program for that already being developed and we look forward to seeing this team make huge strides when next season opens late this coming November.

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