Alright Tiger hoops fans, it’s kinda quiet here in the Den just now, and they’re starting to turn out some of the lights for another season. But hey what a season. So, tell the truth now. During those dark days before the season started and we didn’t know what, if anything was going to happen, how many of you thought the Tiger boys’ season would end the way it did, with the Tigers as State Champions? Wait a second. I love those words, let me say them again. Tigers are State Champions. Well, I did. 

So, let me toot my own darn horn here for a minute. Over a year ago I made those Tigers a promise. I told them that in a year, this year, I would be taking their picture at center court of the Pit. Well, I took that picture, but it was those Tigers, every single one of them, that put in the hard work and had the dedication, made the sacrifice and endured the historic challenge of nine games in 12 days to make that picture with the Blue Trophy at center court possible.

Well, before we lock up here, I am willing to make one more promise to some more Tigers. Before my time here is done, and before our new freshmen graduate, I will be covering a Tiger Volleyball team in the Pit, and a Tiger girls basketball team, and another Tiger boys’ basketball team. IF, and here is the big if. If our Tigers recruit their skilled classmates, keep their teams together, be willing to know there is more to learn, and to dedicate themselves to hard work and the “We over me” philosophy. Look up at those banners up there, think about the awesome joy there was for those trams to raise them. Then ask our Tiger boys just what it took to earn that right. If you do that and you dedicate yourself to it, I will take YOUR team’s picture in the Pit.

Next time we talk, let’s meet up at The Diamonds of Tiger Fields, because I’ll be talking with you from the dugouts. Now one of you turn off the last of the lights. ‘Nuff said? Darn straight!

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