Tigers In Car

In The End Zone

Hi there, Tiger fans. I’m over here on the bench, licking some wounds, but also celebrating. Grab a seat and I’ll try to explain.

First, before we break out the celebration gear, let’s look at the wounds. The Nimmy game was not at all what I was expecting. Not even close, which was what I WAS expecting. A close game. Win or lose, that part I couldn’t say, though I absolutely always want a win. Definitely it should have been a lot closer.

I knew they are always a dangerous team and said as much when we got together last week. But I expected our Tigers to be a little more dangerous too.

One thing, and then I’ll get off this and on to something else. It’s a little puzzling and disturbing when I look at the last couple game stats. (Thank you VERY much Paul Tooley for your most excellent work there.) When I look at tackles. Ok, the Tigers had 47 tackles and 37 of them were unassisted. Same the week before, 27 tackles, 21 solo. Where’s the Blue Swarm?

OK. All that said let me make this very clear. I love this team of Tigers. I do, they’re MY Tigers and I stand with them to the very end. No Matter What.

Now, about that celebrating. That’s the easy part. How about those Tiger Girls? You know the ones I mean, our Varsity Tiger volleyball team. Heck, the JV and the C-Team too. They’re really lighting it up. They’re 9-4 right now, and when you read this, I’m thinking they might be even a bit better.

Here’s something to chew on. Of their four losses, except for the first match of the season, it took all five sets for their opponent to beat them. About those nine they won? Eight were in three straight sets. They dropped one set last night against Chaparral, so it took a fourth set to get that win. I’m telling you here, they absolutely ARE the Real Deal. And yeah, I love that team of Tigers too.

Alright, let’s keep it short today. There’s a football game to get ready for, and it’s on the road. I’m headed down there in a little bit. I hope you are too, because our guys would really appreciate some fans in the stands making some noise for them.

The road just doesn’t get any easier for our Tigers either, kicking off against 6A Gadsden for crying out loud! Alright, see you all here next week. I’ll leave the lights on for you.

Oh, one last thing. The classiest thing I saw last Friday here was in the last 42 seconds. NMMI had the ball, fourth and goal from the seven-yard line. Now they could have kicked a field goal or gone for another touchdown. Instead, they spiked the ball, turned it over to the Tigers on downs. Classy.

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