In the End Zone

Hi there, Tiger sports fans. Things are likely to get a little loud and rowdy here at Tiger Stadium pretty soon but pull up a piece of bench for a minute. Let’s talk.

First off, it’s Homecoming Week. I know it was just the one year, 2020 Homecoming that got skipped, but it seems like a lot longer since the last homecoming game and homecoming dance to me. What about you? By the time you read this the last embers from what’s shaping up to be an epic bonfire should be just about cooled off and the Tiger’s should be getting ready to rush out onto the field here in Tiger Stadium.

So, let’s get to the point. The Eunice Cardinals are who we drew for our homecoming game and let me tell you something you probably already know. They are no slouches.

What’s the big deal, you might say? After all, we are sitting on a winning 2-1 record, slim though that is. And Eunice? Alright, they’re 1-1. Looking at their record it reminds me of our own. Blowout 35-0 loss in their season opener, a home game against 3A Raton. Then, week two they went on the road for a 59-8 win over 2A Estancia. Last week? They had last week off and the chance to let any bangs and bruises heal.

Eunice, as we talked about last week, had five games last season. Yep, they got to play in one of those post-season “bowl games” the NMAA staged in lieu of playoffs. Guess what? They won that one, and all four of the others last season too. In fact, you have to go back to September 13 of 2019 to find a loss on their record. That was their sole loss that season, a seven-point loss to Tularosa. Then they went on to win the 2A State Championships.

So, does all this mean I don’t think our Tigers can win? Nope. Not at all. I know they can win. Does it mean that they WILL win? Nope. Here’s the thing. I know this team of Tigers and if they show up and show up to compete and give it the kind of energy, effort and passion they gave on the field at Lordsburg last week… well, it ought to be a real interesting and exciting evening.

See, here’s this. Our guys proved something last week. No, not to you. No, not to me. No, not even to their coaches or their parents or anything like that. Well, sure, they might have done that too. But listen. These Tigers proved something to themselves. They proved that they have the skill, the knowledge, the determination and the heart to run with anyone. That, that is what they proved to themselves.

So, here’s what I want us all to do. Saturday, 5 p.m. is kickoff. Let’s ALL be there, in the stands cheering for our Tigers. When the Tiger cheer team leads the cheer, lets ALL join in, loud and Tiger proud and be there for our side.

So, until next week when we meet back here, get home and get ready and get on back for the game. I’ll leave the lights on for you.

The Only Limitation Is Your Imagination

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