In The End Zone - October 15

In The End Zone 

Hi there, Tiger fans. Over here, pull up some bench. Let’s talk about a couple things.

Great being back here in Tiger Stadium after the bye week. It’s all district now. These next three games are going to tell the story. Do we get into the post-season dance, find a spot on the bracket? Well, we’re starting with the toughest team, Socorro.

Now, Socorro sits at number three across all of New Mexico 3A. Gotta say though, the Tigers aren’t too shabby. Number ten. Could be better, but all things considered, I’ll take it. Some tough losses against top teams, but a few good wins too. Cobre’s one spot below us, we close the season against them. Further down is Hatch, who we face here in Tiger Stadium next week.

Here’s the hard stuff. Socorro has a 6-1 record coming here tonight. In those six wins they gave up exactly 21 points, or about three and a half a game. The loss they wear was to St. Michaels, falling hard, 35-7. They CAN be beaten. Our Tigers ALL have to bring their “A” game tonight. Every athlete knowing his role, competing with everything and execute, execute, execute. Even then, it’s a pretty high mountain to climb.

After tonight? Where the rest of district lands in the standings doesn’t really mean much. Not once District starts. Every game will be an epic struggle. Our Tigers understand that. Let’s hope the fans packing the stands bring their “A” game too. Be unwaveringly loud. Totally Tiger Proud.

Now, let’s shift gears a minute, and sports.

I’m talking about those Tiger Girls of Volleyball. Yeah, they dropped one at home last week. Silver came in and… wait a minute. I’ll tell you something right here. Silver came in and played a great game. They sure didn’t make many mistakes. Our Tiger Girls? Well truthfully, this was maybe their worst performance this season. No, in fact not maybe, it WAS. They got it out of their system though. Now their ready to play some Tiger volleyball.

And here’s the thing. You know what’s a great development? We’ve got a team here, that when the fans come to cheer, they EXPECT a win. No, I don’t mean they want a win, we always want a win, every time, every team, regardless the sport or season. But now there’s yet another Tiger team that when fans watch and cheer, they expect the Tigers WILL win. Isn’t that a great development?

Doesn’t mean they always will. But think back how things were, even just a couple years. Tiger sports are surging, scaling the heights, and these Tiger girls are in the forefront.

It starts with doing all the little things right. Doing them right every time. I’m talking about practice. All the little things that come before and after taking to the court or the field. Every little thing. Going after practice and training with a vengeance because THAT is where champions are built. It comes from athletes working harder than ever. It comes from Coaches building coaching staffs that always try to learn more and get better. You know where else it comes from? It comes from community. It comes from me and it comes from you and it comes from all of us making the extra effort to give our unflinching support to our students, our Tigers… our kids. Got that? All right then. Let’s get ready and meet back here for the game. I’ll see you then and I’ll leave the lights on for you.

The Only Limitation Is Your Imagination

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