From The Dugout

From The Dugout

Well, Tiger fans. Grab some bench and let’s kick up a little dirt.

The diamonds are empty and the dugouts quiet. By the time next week rolls around, our Tigers of spring sports will be replacing the last divots, taking off the running shoes and packing away javelins and vaulting poles, and setting rackets aside for re-stringing. 

I don’t know about you but to me it seemed like this final season of the year ran at the speed of our 100-Meter Dash Tigers. As soon as we looked, Whoosh, it was gone.

We had some setbacks, yeah, of course we did. But you know what? Even then, our Tigers rose up and kept pushing forward. Not only kept pushing forward, but did so with poise and grace, with joy and laughter, and even with a few tears. They did it with great big Tiger Hearts. 

Out newest sports team, Tiger Tennis, qualified the Tiger Girls as a team, to go to compete in the State Championship Playoffs. Likewise, the Tiger Boys doubles tandem of Jonithan Flores and Cole Segura. And the Tigers had the girl’s singles District Champion, Nevada Segura. All of whom went to State. Not too shabby for a first-year team. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for them in coming years. They even coerced me out onto the court to hit a few tennis balls. A first ever for this old sports reporter.

Our Tiger Golf team sent to their boys to compete in the State Championships and also sent Logan Woods to compete individually in the girl’s division.

Last, but by no means least, our awesome Tiger Track team. These Tigers all run together. At practice, both the boys and the girls and all the middle school track athletes too, they are all out there working together. They work together and run together as one Tiger family. Tiger track had 11 state qualifiers this year, which is a tremendous achievement for a team of about 14 Tigers.

All of this achievement says to me that Tiger sports is ending this year on a high note. Tiger sports are on the verge of something really, truly special. So, let me tell you something right here. About the ONLY thing lacking is for a few more adults to step up. Yeah, I know that I’ve been beating on this drum a lot lately. But here’s the thing. As we rebuild our traditions, as we see our Tiger athletes striving for ever greater success, as we work to re-establish Tiger Town as a Championship City, well, there’s a piece we need. We need some good people to dig deep and find the resources to give even more. No, I’m not talking about money, although hey, Tigers could always use a bit more of that, sports AND activity groups. But no, I’m talking about good people stepping up and digging deep for the really hard stuff. Giving of time and energy and giving from the heart to help coach these incredible Tiger kids… our kids. I know it’s asking a lot. But you know what? They deserve it.

So anyway, I guess we better clear out and let them lock things up here in the dugouts. So until next season, remember, support all of our Tigers. Be There. Be loud and be Tiger Proud. And remember, in competition, as in life, just get a great big ol’ head of steam and then… slide baby slide

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