Countdown To Friday Night Lights

Alright Tiger sports fans, especially you gridiron Tigers, just three short weeks from today before the lights come on in Tiger Stadium and the stands are filled (or they better be) with fans, letting out a tremendous Tiger roar. So, pull up a piece of bench and let’s get to it.

Those Tiger football boys are looking good, and now they have jerseys and everything. There’s more of then then in the past few years, and there’s a few with some actual heft. I gotta say, I like what I see, so far. But here’s the thing, they still gotta go out there and prove themselves. Yes, they’ll be running new plays. Running some things, we fans haven’t seen around here before. That’ll be fun, no denying it. In fact, I can’t wait. But they have to prove that they have the fire in the belly. Prove they have that gritty determination to pound get pounded and keep coming back.

There was one I saw a couple years back. Benito, our QB was out for the game and we had a freshman come in to fill those very hard to fill shoes. It was a home game and against Socorro. Now’s, there’s some big guys on their line. I mean big. Our young QB got hammered into the ground. Time and time again and play after play. You know what? Every single time this young freshman picked himself up, brushed himself off, like nothing happened, and got right back to work. That’s what I’m talking about. Fire and heart.

Between you and me, I think our guys can show us that this year. I know they are chomping at the bit to get out on the field in some real game action. So how about we fans do our part, and fill the stands and make a lot of noise. Do NOT let it just be our awesome Tiger cheer team out there, leading the cheer and no one joining in.

Okay, I’m gonna shift gears here and jump into some Networking. Try to keep up and try to grasp what I’m really saying here.

The whispers and smack talk have already started, probably it’s been going on since last season ended. You know what I mean. People writing off our volleyball Tiger girls, because they’re from little old Hot Springs High. They short-sell last season, saying the only reason we did so well was because of the COVID craziness and what it did to sports. Well, they have never given our Tigers any respect, whatever the team. I guess I’d be daft to expect any different now. They figure how could anything good come out of here. All over the state I hear it. “Punching bags,” they say, or “door mats.”

Well, let me tell you something. Those days are over. Regardless what the win loss record is at season’s end. Our kids, our Tigers have different ideas. They are determined, they are focused.

Okay, I saw a few of those remarkable Tigers the other day. They are working every day to prove the naysayers wrong. They know that there’s only one game, one match, one meet and that is the next one up. THAT is the one to win.

Underdogs, they call us? Well, that’s fine with me. In fact, I kinda prefer it that way. And last thing here… I’ll tell you what. Our kids, our Tigers are absolutely determined, they are willing and able to do the heavy lifting needed. Now we fans have to do our part. We have to do everything we can to support them, cheer for them, and have their backs. ‘Nuff said? Darn Straight!

The Only Limitation Is Your Imagination

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