The more I learn about what goes on in our community the more I ask myself – why?

Why did the city police (who work for the city commission and not 'the people') send an armed escort with the meter reader to read Ron Fenn’s meter? Did they feel that a 77-year-old activist, who asks difficult questions, was a threat to a meter reader half his age and probably twice as fast? Was it Gestapo intimidation? Who authorized this? In a community awash in petty crime and drugs?

Why did we just spend $42,512 to install 2 wooden poles at the golf course to a contractor from up north after we just bought a bunch of new trucks (?$), spent ~$100,000 for a metal building and fence at the electric yard, not to mention ~$30,000 for a remodeled bathroom?

Why is the second highest paid employee (after the city manager) contracting outside services to a Steve House? Steve pulls in tens of thousands of dollars each year to advise on homeowner solar installations, was part of the Smart meter fiasco, and is now designing the electric car charging stations for downtown (so far this year’s award for public waste @ $3,920).

Why do we have accounting, billing and monitoring systems that make it impossible to know what is going on – who bought what and for how much? This information, or lack there of, is available under the Inspection of Public Records Act (IPRA), which Fenn uses to identify questionable expenditures in his research.

This brings to mind the old expression, “You only get flack when you are over the target,” which takes me back to my first question.

My main concern and biggest question is – why don't the business owners and other members of this community, the owners of this community, ask these same questions? Speak out? Not act or support those who do?

A healthy community and a strong democracy demands responsible participation and complete transparency if we are going to thrive/survive in this 'New Normal'.

s/Jack Noel

T-or-C, NM


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