Going out to breakfast on Sunday mornings with a couple of friends is a highlight of my life right now. Many don't even do that, but we are masked and cautious, maintaining distance and using sanitizer.

Most of the people coming there, even those not wearing masks, maintain distance and don't have large numbers. A large group of unmasked individuals came onto the patio; apparently a family after church. We all know COVID doesn't attack people in churches right? And family gatherings never spread the infection.

There were quite a few more than the 10 mandated by the governor. I get it. She's a democrat and just out to grab power. Ignore the fact that she has kept numbers here at 3% when surrounding states are much more than twice that. These people commenced to discuss how they could all sit together (near us). One gentleman inadvertently got close to us and I told him to keep his distance. So I didn't say please, but I wasn't nasty about it and he moved.

One of the party then proceeded to call me rude. I say rude is when you ignore common decency and care about other people in the face of a pandemic. But ignore the fact that I might get COVID, or that cute little 2-year-old boy might get it; let's look at the restaurant’s point of view.

If the restaurant allows this large group to be together (which I am pretty sure they didn't, but we left because the group was rude) they can and will get fined big bucks. If, by chance someone in that group brings COVID there the restaurant can and will be shut down and the employees tested and the facilities totally disinfected, all costing the restaurant money. Restaurants don't have a big profit margin.

So who is the rude one? Someone who wants to maintain social distancing (but just didn't say please) and follow the rules or someone who doesn't care about other people or the restaurant?

s/Diane Lombardo


T or C, NM

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