It appears to me rather blind to talk about “white race, black race, yellow race…” because in fact that we are all one race: the human race.

I notice that bulls of any color are turned out with cows of multiple colors. Same with horses and dogs. The separation of people into races is simply a made up idea to support a point of view. A major example is defining those with African heritage as being less smart, less able, and harder to teach. This served Anglos well as an excuse to allow them inferior schools, restricted access and all the evils of Jim Crow politics.

When a horse is bred with a donkey, the resulting offspring, our beloved mules, are infertile. This is what happens when two different species breed. Notice that Barak Obama had a European-American mother and an African father. He fathered two girls.

Why do we differentiate what actually is a difference of cultures, not ancestry? Theories include the need for some people to have some group to feel superior to, the history of slavery influencing opinions and just difficulty dealing with differences. My grandparents emigrated from Germany and were called “stupid krauts” by non-Germans here. The Irish were similarly denigrated.

I no longer select “white” on questionnaires because I am not an albino, a truly white human. I am a European-American, most likely with Neanderthal blood. The “white” designation, in my opinion, only serves to reinforce the higher rank undeservedly ascribed to European-Americans.

s/Lee Sonne

P.O. Box 668

Reserve, NM

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