I’ve been vaccinated. Got the Pfizer shot, both of them. The first one, they say, is supposed to get you to 87% inoculated. The second one is good for around 96%. Sounds good enough to me. After all, nothing’s perfect. Right?

So, after the second shot I did the Responsible thing and semi-self-quarantined for two weeks, which means I stayed home a lot. During that time I was tested twice at the Veterans’ Hospital in Albuquerque. Came up negative both times.

Then I did what I feel can only be viewed as the Patriotic thing and took off my mask. I was getting real tired of suffocating myself for no reason, anyway. (Like anything short of a full hazmat suit is going to protect you from a nearly invisible 4-micron size virus!) I also want everyone to know I’m not afraid to do my part and show them what normal used to look like.

I’ve put my faith in the vaccine that was promised us a year ago would get us back to normal again. I refuse to hide behind a mouth diaper as if it’s “normal”. I often wonder how many people feel the same?

I also happen to think 2018-2019 was one of the most prosperous times this country’s seen in a long time. Remember? Before the virus? So, I’m doing my part to fight back and get this great nation back to where it was.

What about you?

s/Patrick Kohs


T-or-C, NM

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Nice to know that not everyone in the state is a brain dead puppet following orders and lining up for an experimental totally untested injection that bears all the hallmarks of products rolled out of WWI wasI death camp labs. Ready for the cleansing showers anyone? Fauci who resembles a rat physically more than anyone I've ever seen in the pubic arena is now being revealed

as a eugenicist, just like the human hating Gates couple.Goodluck to all those who got jabbed, real scientists are estimating millions will die from the fake vaccine designed for a fake pandemic presented by the fake news and an elderly masked man who

has trouble with memory and groping females.

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