All the following exposes the ‘fraud basis’ of the meetings January 21-28 the USDA and USFS conducted in New Mexico on the “draft revised management plan and draft environmental impact statement” at various locations.

They’re without authority, are fraudulent and usurpations at the level worthy of arrests! May many thousands utilize these revelations below in making your substantive comments!

Urgent communication to all Americans, and especially New Mexicans and county commissioners and sheriffs across the land! I’m good-faith -reporting ‘misprision of treason and felonies!’

The unlawful U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and its illegitimate offspring, the U.S. Forest Service (USFS), are two wrongs that have millions of compounded wrongs! You can’t find a single line or word in the Constitution justifying their existence or expenditures!

During the founders’ meeting at the Constitutional Convention in the construction of ‘enumerated powers’ at the federal level, questions about agriculture were ‘asked and answered’ No! It was proposed to appoint a Secretary of Domestic Affairs who should attend to the study of agriculture and manufacturers, but this was not approved (see Elliot’s Deb. vol. v, p. 446) It was proposed to establish agricultural colleges to federally promote agriculture; this too was voted down.

Agriculture was seen to be a ‘reserved power’ at the state level. There is ‘no grant of power’ in the Constitution, which confers the control of agriculture upon the national government! This invalidates ‘all’ judicial fiats – implied power(s) or policy power(s), period!

On August 18, 1787 it was proposed to vest in the national government the right/power “to establish public institutions, rewards, and immunities for the purpose of agriculture, trades, and manufactures” and this was rejected (see Elliot’s Deb. vol. I, p. 247). At the same time it was proposed “to establish a university to encourage by proper premiums and provisions the advancement of useful knowledge and discoveries,” and this likewise was rejected!

Regarding the un-delegated national policies of irrigation and forest preservation – the case Kansas v. Colorado, 206 U.S., 91, 92 it was specifically held that Congress has no power to devote the public money for carrying on irrigation in the states, but possibly to public lands in the territories. New Mexico’s territorial status in 1897 ended upon statehood.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture dates from 1862 during a time of great usurpations. That’s when the Decalogue principles (Ten Commandments) were replaced with Marxism’s circa 1848 Ten Planks of the Communist Manifesto and the ‘illicit administrative state’ was born in America.

Count all USDA/USFS acts–actions as subversive sedition, all crimes that grand juries in the 3,000 plus counties across the 50 states can investigate and find True Bills to indict! People, demand “all” of your Sierra County resources!

Best regards,

s/Gerald Boland

T-or-C, NM

(Over 350 words paid)

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