In an era of Social Justice, isn’t it time we relate to all species?

Trapping has been used in the United States for a long time. Historically, around 1550, the "Beaver Era" started and lasted for about 300 years. Other furbearers were trapped during "The Beaver Era," including the bobcat, badger, muskrat, raccoon, river otter, and coyotes. The fur was used mainly for clothing.

By 1830, the price of beaver fur and other furbearers fell because of competition from the silk trade. Fortunately, a "Conservation Movement" soon developed. The idea of wildlife management plans grew as part of Teddy Roosevelt's administration and the influence of conservationist Aldo Leopold. However, in New Mexico trapping is still the longest hunting season. There are no bag limits and no oversight as to how many furbearers still exist. Traps are indiscriminate while killing and injuring ALL wildlife and pets.

Isn’t it time we contemplate our ancient trapping practices that involve a tremendous degree of cruelty and suffering and ban trapping on all Public Lands? Future generations deserve to see animals of all species and we need to stop cruelty of all types in a Socially Justice minded world.

I’m an Educator and Mother – see:

Let’s ban trapping in New Mexico!

s/Katie Semones

Monticello, NM

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