While I was a kid growing up in the ‘50s, my parents finally bought a black-and-white TV in 1958. My two sisters and I would walk a mile from the bus stop after school and turn on the Lone Ranger and a lot of other cowboy western shows.

Later, in the ‘60s, Clint Eastwood starred in the spaghetti westerns: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, A Fistful of Dollars, etc. In the ‘50s, the good guys wore the white hats, but that delineation became blurred in the ‘60s.

But one theme stayed the same. The bad guys lied, cheated, bullied, intimidated, and in the extreme, shot women in the back. Basic thugs and losers. The good guys were quiet, caring, stood up for the rest of us, and while often portrayed at a disadvantage, somehow leveled the playing field.

Also, somehow, 71 million Americans didn’t watch westerns, or have forgotten the moral issues that they raised. It’s really hard for me to contemplate 71 million people siding with the immoral tactics of losers in our great country.

Let’s move on and together make America great, once again. Let’s tackle the growing climate catastrophe that’s worsening every year and get off of our dirty fossil fuel addiction. The fossil fuel industry, without its government subsidies, is more expensive than clean, job producing, renewable energy. We have ten years to eliminate fossil fuels so our kids can enjoy a brighter future than we have. Good paying, renewable jobs can remain home in the U.S. and greatly benefit our rural economies and the less economically advantaged in our society.

Clean, renewable energy is the white hat, moving forward.


 s/Ward McCartney

 44 Trueno Loop

 Belen, NM

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