The story ain’t over yet – The Revolution isn’t dead: can’t rush a movement.

In this existential crisis we are experiencing, our survival is threatened, and we can’t change anything without massive movements. We’re rebelling against the government to reduce carbon emissions: regime change is what we require – democratically. Banks hold the strings and can reduce emissions if they decide to. Industrial and other pollution, deforestation, greenhouse gases, etc. has been and is destroying the environment – water, air, soil (farm lands), climate stability – the effects of drought, high temperatures, rising and heated ocean waters melting the polar ice with the result of flooding, wild fires, and famine on damaged ecosystems.

Existence on earth will become intolerable, food production will cease because of rising heat, water scarcity, land grabs. More diseases will appear; floods and storms will increase immigration, and refugees, and deaths in the billions. It’s not just parts of the Earth, but what’s happening to the whole body of the planet because of our destructive economy. We’re forced to speak out to save ourselves and our children and what species, clean water and trees, etc. that are left after 30 years of greedy over consumption, exploitation, lies, and criminal theft.

Einstein lives, Noam Chomsky proliferates on Democracy Now with Amy Goodman and/but “we’re not dead yet, in fact, right now we’re fine – and we might even be… having a good time.” We must clear away these cobwebs. We, the majority have had and are having to change certain of our ways, our thinking, our activities and how the way we behave impacts on others, our country and the entire globe.

This is my home, our children, the animals and flowers, birds and bees, farmland and forests, organic vegetables, fruit and nut trees, redwoods and maples, firs and pine, magnolias and desert willow, etc., the richness and abundance of our ecosystems which we have been blessed with, and are destroying and losing, wholesale and retail. Resources are commodified, extracted, bulldozed and sold to highest bidder.

Economic collapse = starvation.

Ecological collapse = starvation.

Now that we know what has been left undone is going to kill us, we might as well stop feeling guilty and guilt tripping the parents and get on with trying to survive it. Sorry folks. That’s what she wrote. That’s all she wrote.

People around here are fearful. I know they need money to buy food and necessities. It’s so uncertain and nothing is easy to accomplish during this climate emergency, corona virus, breakdown of uninterrupted quiet and of nature itself. Elites grab huge amounts of money that people produce – taking it from those who need it. Siphoning off the stimulus $ to banks, airlines, etc. while we have to wait to see if we get any financial support at all. Corporations grab land that belongs to indigenous people, put up no trespassing signs, destroy the forests and water we need for regeneration, run the natives off – with police and guns.

When will we face up to this catastrophic terrible truth – the climate emergency truth? We have this threat to our life on earth, which everyone knows but won’t own it and unite around the scientific facts in order to mobilize against these real threats. Extinction rebellion standing up for this truth and what we have to do about it, is a UK movement spreading all over the world and are making a difference.

Can’t lose faith in our older generation. We here. “We have finally found a way to live, in the presence of the Lord, to follow, to be the servant of it all. Jesus is on mainline, tell him what you want.”

It’s the system that’s broken, not the individual choices. It needs to be revived in the community – freedom of discussion – exchange of concerns, needs, complaints, safety, outrageous desecrations of our civil rights and respect – it’s brutal and harsh out there and in here as well. We need basic income for community members, food availability, genuinely affordable housing, and places for youth, and for seniors to gather and children to play. We will have a better chance of overcoming covid-19 with universal health care which almost every other nation including Mexico already has, and free public education for all in which we are also lagging and letting our children down hard.

Basic water delivery systems are not safe or people friendly – like that in Flint, MI where people have been dying from tap water contaminated with lead and a flu-like disease. T-or-C, NM water isn’t healthy to drink. Infrastructure problems all over the US, many cities collapsed and polluted, homeless living in the streets.

We cannot feel great or even good again if we don’t work on trying to restore what we’ve destroyed of our ecosystems. We can improve a lot of things, protect what we have, stand up for equitable treatment and services, learn to feed ourselves, support each other in a godly, spiritual society based on Golden Rule, and have a chance at some kind of future.

s/Linda Rakestraw

2028 Cottonwood Ln.

T-or-C, NM

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