Frances, I will assume that the questions you raised in last week’s 'Dear Boss' column are rhetorical and you do not really want answers... But, if you do want a response, the world is waking up to this greatest hoax. A case is not a disease and the Nobel Prize winner who invented the PCR process (not a test) said it very clearly – do not use to diagnose. This doctor lays it out very well. The key is in the cycles...

In Australia, Coca Cola tested positive

We are not being destroyed by a virus, but by Democrats’ politics and their attempt to bring us into the New World Order, Globalism/Communism. The middle class/producers must be destroyed to bring in the 'basic monetary allowance,' putting us all on the dole and dependent on the State. This is not just Jack being a tin hat idiot... it is all documented for those who want to learn.

Why they are not saying anything about building our immune systems is about money and control – intravenous vitamin C is banned and the FDA is working on making supplements illegal, re: Codex Alimentarius.

This article sums up the answers to many of your questions. There are a number of drugs that work.

The politics of the Global/Great Reset are another matter and key to fully understanding why our economy is being destroyed.

s/Jack Noel

T-or-C, NM

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