America has long believed in the principle of equal justice under the law. That she has not always observed that belief in actual practice is beside the point (although to any sane person watching, it’s the putative cause of the leftist riots currently wracking some of our major cities over events that occurred a century and a half ago).

But when the average American – you know, the one who believes in God, apple pie, and the United States flag – starts to feel the system’s been rigged, we are no longer the U.S.A. but the U.S.S.R, where the political nomenklatura and its favored apparatchiks indulge in arbitrary rule-making and discriminatory favoritism, entirely for their own benefit.

Like the virus itself, the politicization of COVID-19 has proven to be an opportunistic malefactor, except that in this case, its target is the Constitution and especially the Bill of Rights. One by one, our first listed freedoms have come under attack, including freedom of speech (“cancel culture”), the free exercise of religion, freedom of assembly, and the right to be secure in our persons, among others. What’s next?

Like the flu, we will never be entirely rid of the Chinese Communist virus – although a day of reckoning is coming for the thugs in Beijing. But we can be rid of our politicians and their transparently inimical excuses for continuing to move the goalposts ever farther into the future in the name of “safety.”

That a nation and a civilization once renowned for its courage under fire, its valor, and its stone bravery should now cower like frightened children in the face of an invisible monster is a national disgrace. That the patriots among us should willingly submit to a constitutional death of a thousand cuts administered by petty bureaucrats and power-mad doctors from a corrupt and untrustworthy federal agency is even worse. That the provocation comes from China adds insult to injury.

And that it’s being wielded like a political cudgel against the current administration in order to negate the president’s record of regulatory reform, border control, a more equitable job market for minorities, and a booming economy that was the envy of the world (until this spring) is something voters shouldn’t forget this November.

The time for cowering is past. Get it, get over it, get on with it. Your country needs you.

s/Michael Walsh

Jacksonville, NC

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