Truth or Consequences, the “City of Health”, is under assault – becoming less healthy, if not downright lethal.

Smart meters are going to be/being installed – 'damn the people, full steam ahead,' smart water meters to follow when we stop all the leaks. AT&T is going to turn on 5G in November, with more towers to come.

We the citizens, who live here and pay taxes, have no say in any of this and must suffer the Consequences (What is in the name? Truth or?). More and more studies are showing electromagnetic radiation to be deadly in the long term and sickness in the short – even Scientific American has come out with serious questions. Use NOT Goggle as a search engine.

Our city/county needs to set 'relatively' safe limits on the EMR (electromagnetic smog) allowed in our community.

Water is another question. The following URL (internet) takes you to the EGW's tap water database Enter your zip code and see the 12 total contaminants in our tap water. 

Remember: It is our immune system that keeps us healthy, it is our job to keep it healthy.

How many times has our governor and the head of the Department of Health talked about our immune system, fresh air, exercise, good food, clean water and sunshine?

s/Jack Noel

T-or-C, NM

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