When we come into the world, our eyes are filled with tears and those hearts around us are filled with Joy. When we leave, it is their eyes that are filled with tears and our hearts that are filled with Joy. –said to be an old Cherokee saying

Kathy Clark left us the Charles Motel, and following the legacy of Bonnie Hill, a sense of stewardship of the hot mineral waters and service to the community. After years of providing access to these healing waters and witnessing the miracles they brought, she never lost sight of her responsibility to protect this incredible resource. The Charles Motel and Bathhouse has, for decades, provided a hot shower for the homeless, a tub for the tired and a place for all to find healing and refuge.

In a desert world where water was sacred, hot water was a special blessing. The Natives’ stories and songs of this place are a closely held secret, and the only thing I heard is that these waters will be a place of healing and sanctuary for those who will have been impacted by the sickness and chaos in the coming times... it seems to me that those times are here.

The 'Charles' provided jobs, training and experience for many. It represents a time when people healed themselves with traditional practices, herbs and protocols taking the responsibility for the health of their own bodies.

As the results and destruction to human life caused by these untested vaccines becomes realized and the exploitation/lies of big pharma and the 'experts' shown ...the reaction will be intense. A healing space invaluable!

20+ years after Kathy bought the 'Charles' from Bonnie, the general relationship to these waters has become ownership and not stewardship. It is getting harder for the average person to get a bath without reservations and a whole lot of money. The days of the long rider getting a soak on their way through the area are over.

These hot mineral waters are a gift to us all, and as a community we should make sure there is access – to all, for all. We should encourage each commercial establishment to provide low cost baths or showers or build a municipal hot mineral water park, complete with swimming pool and healing center. We need to stop this frivolous Hot Water lawsuit, which has gone on forever, getting the lawyers richer/us poorer. We must work together to manage the resource for everyone's benefit in the coming times.

Our 'The City of Health' is blessed with this incredible resource. It’s up to us to keep it for the next generations. We will miss Kathy and trust that her spirit of Stewardship and love of these waters will remain... along with the 'Charles'.

s/Jack Noel


T-or-C, NM

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