Problem: The Public Utility Complex needs to get the data from the end users meters to the billing office in an accurate and timely manner. The infrastructure (lines, transformers, meters) are in poor condition with +20% loses and is unable to keep meter readers. The city depends on these revenues to keep the whole thing going.

Solutions: The high-tech, high-cost, unhealthy solution – the first, as chosen by the PUC and accepted by the city commission, is to spend over $1M on a smart AMI system putting an electromagnetic radiating device on each home and business followed by EMR water meters in the future (more $ and radiation). Aside from major health questions, this system is overkill and will cost many additional dollars in maintenance and supporting computer systems. This system, as described by Commissioner Szigeti is the first step to having a smart grid installed into our community with 5G frequencies to tie it all together. The City of Health?

The low-tech, low-cost, healthy solution – having people read their own meters. We put out our own refuse containers don't we? Using low-tech meters (readable with a hand device) for those unable to read their own or be read and those who are unable to provide accurate readings. Do a financial analysis, replace aged meters w/low cost upgrades, slowly bring the whole system up to par, renegotiate electrical costs, reduce electrical rates with a fair profit for the city to cover expenses. Turning to the community to help solve the problems.

The voters own the city. The commissioners are the elected managers who, in turn, hire a city manager to make it run. The commissioners work for and are responsible to the voters. We need to hold public hearings on all these major issues to educate the owners and help provide solutions.

s/Jack Noel

T-or-C, NM

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