I thought this subject died with my circa 9-2-16 letter in our Sierra County Sentinel “T-or-C Utility Absurdities Unmasked,” but I guess we’ve some newbies drinking the smart meter silent-killer-industry-Kool-Aid surveillance devices.

I know I won’t permit to be ‘pulsed’ with such ‘lethal energy’ mega-tort-assaults in/upon my whole body.Should public servants be handcuffed? All people have inherent rights (see New Mexico Const. Art.2 Sect. 4) to defend life and liberty!

Let me educate all the local public servants and my peers as well. Did you know (unlike Fiber-Optics)that both health destroying WiFi (1G-5G) and smart meters RF/EMF exposure causes DNA detachment and DNA damage through peroxy nitrite production in the body? Smart meters have spontaneously exploded setting off fires–burning down homes throughout North America, and use unsafe, cancer-causing technology. Sharp, high intensity pulses are particularly harmful!

Microwave signals–electromagnetic loads can cause constant migraines, Parkinson’s disease, insomnia, heart arrhythmias, inability to concentrate, chronic pain and short, stabbing pains and cancer. The World Health Organization classifies non-ionizing radiation officially as a Class 2B carcinogen, like lead.The shape of people’s blood cells physically changes/clumps in proximity to smart meters.

An entirely new spy/snooping data collecting industry (power "dis-aggregators" monitoring all our appliances) has emerged, exploiting people's privacy for profit, all the while putting their home and life at risk.

Do local soon-to-be-accountable public servants lust to watch, monitor, measure, and profile us 24/7 claiming they can infringe upon several of our Bill of Rights? Such trespasses are actionable perjured oaths of office!

We must reject/stop raising our young to accept living in a police-state-society in which every move they make is monitored-hacked-altered by someone or something. Smart Meters could over bill you by a whopping 582%. Biggest discrepancies–line-noise, joined dimmer switches with LED and energy-saving light bulbs.

Peddlers’ of smart meters make no mention of the damaging health effects that fry people’s DNA with 10,000 to 200,000 microwave pulses per day–every day! Bursts of RF/EMF radiation causes cancer! 24/7 presence of(RF) and (EMF) is 100 times greater than cell phone “cancer-causing technology” and they don’t turn off!

Nature doesn’t protect us from this constant bombardment. Assurances of safety that utility companies like to give carry little weight. Children, the elderly and pregnant women are particularly vulnerable to the dangers posed by smart meters.

Need I say more? Search online a presentation called “The Dark Side of Smart Meters.”



T-or-C, NM

(Over 350 words paid)

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