Dear Commissioners Clarke and Szigeti,

Very end of 2019 greetings.

Thank you both for your comments during the last city commission meeting to issues I brought up about Ordinance 664. You both stated that there were restrictions in the city's 2014 contract with Sierra ElectricCooperative that lead to the creation and stipulations laid out in Ordinance664. Specifically, I was objecting to the clause of "90% of the previous 12months use".

I have now read the contract several times and shared it with a few others who have also read it. None of us can see where such a restriction exists. Could you each take a read of the contract and point to what you were referring to?

Could you please respond by a week from today, so I can prepare for further developments concerning 664?

Thank you both so much.

Have a very Happy New Year's eve and day...

s/Ariel Dougherty

T-or-C, NM

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