As the people of Truth or Consequences are listening to the candidates, and reading about their experiences in the newspaper, please take a good look at what is printed in the newspaper about each person.

T-or-C can't go back to where we were about eight years ago. Back then the attitude was terrible, no matter where you went. People that need elected must have a positive direction and a friendly attitude that we all should have toward each other and our tourists. We also need people that will bring stability and a positive outlook for all generations.

All generations have to do the research to find out and remember how the Citizens Against Virtually Everything Organization worked hard to hold progress back. If these people succeeded we would not have the transfer station, Walmart, new county government complexes, hospital editions, the dog park, Tractor Supply, and God knows what else. These people have held T-or-C and Sierra County economically hostage way too long. Just think if Copper Flat Mine was able to open about eight years ago. This project would have created good employment for our young people, and a vocational school for people of all ages.

We have to do background checks and ask the hard questions because the people that are elected can bring happiness to T-or-C and our county. If you look at the candidates you will find the attitude of two senior citizens that are rooted in the C.A.V.E. Organization. Senior citizens must realize that we can't keep pushing out the youth. The youth must understand that too many senior citizens have neglected our infrastructure for so long that it either needs a lot of repairs, replaced, updated, and new equipment to work with today's modern equipment so that we can attract new and better businesses. All generations must understand that we have to catch up to the rest of the country that is using 21st century technology.

We have to elect people who are willing to work with other local, county, state, and federal organizations that are working to improve our present situation. We also need to elect people that have the ability to detect people from outside our state who are trying to tell us what is best for us, and who don't do the research to see if their ideas are workable in our county. Please do the research and vote responsibly for commissioners and judge on March 3, 2020. 

Former resident of T-or-C.

s/Ted Kuzdrowski

PO Box 1445

Elephant Butte, NM

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