I keep seeing articles about how horrible and archaic trapping is, and that the only clear choice is to ban it. I’ve read that states like California, Arizona and Colorado have successfully banned trapping. I am here to tell you some facts.

The only state to completely ban trapping is California. Colorado allows public land livestock owners to obtain 30-day trapping permits and Arizona has hired trappers to do damage control. Why? Because these problems have to be addressed and the best management tool is regulated trapping.

The Torrance County, California council, by a vote of 6-1 approved an initiative to hire trappers to control coyotes! This happened immediately following the ban. They did this because of pressure from residents complaining about coyotes eating their pets, usually right out of their yard. The hired trappers are the same people who were paying the state, through license fees, for the privilege to trap. Now the state is paying them with tax money!

Another fact is that these “anti” groups will not stop with trapping, they never do. It’s trapping today and hound hunting tomorrow and trophy hunting the day after. There is no quit in these ideals and beliefs. The extremists have learned how to use the courts and electoral loopholes to outlaw what they don’t like or agree with in society, whether they understand them or not.

All outdoorsmen/women know that managing wildlife from the ballot box is a very dangerous endeavor, and does nothing more than allow the people in large cities to be in charge of how we live our lives.

s/Chance Thedford


Las Cruces, NM

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