According to the Sentinel (Aug 14, 2020) T-or-C City Manager Morris Madrid affirms his support of Governor Michelle Lujan-Grisham’s orders and the necessity of wearing masks, but continues to decline to enforce her mandate. He cites once again the need for discretion in active enforcement to avoid unnecessarily exposing T-or-C’s police force.

We ask you: by what logic is it possible to support the governor’s orders and then decline to enforce them?

And please explain to us how “removal of non-compliant individuals” is less dangerous than issuing citations to non-compliant individuals.

Until the Truth or Consequences Police Department makes it clear that it intends to enforce the governor’s mandate and demonstrates that commitment by issuing citations to people who refuse to wear masks, people in our community will continue to contract COVID-19. How many more cases will it take for city officials to take this pandemic seriously?

The refusal of our city officials, especially the city commission, to enforce the governor’s mandates is an abdication of their duty to protect the health and welfare of their constituents. They should remember that ultimately they all answer to the people who elect them.

s/Paula Green

Dan Lorimer

Julie Durham

Diane Lombardo

Joey Perry

Suzanne Carlstedt

Peter Lawton

Steve Green

Rebecca Speakes

William West

Julia Masaoka

Patricia Kearney

Jan Thedford

John Johanek

Durrae Johanek

Diana Tittle

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