I see you have bought into the left’s communist propaganda, that violent protest and anarchy is okay. However, in America is it not.

Attacking me personally is a cowardly act, but I cannot blame you for believing what you are told by the persistent garbage of the leftist media. They are using Hitler’s ploy of telling a lie often enough it becomes the truth. If you hate it here and hate my views so much that you call me fascist, then you may be happier in Russia.

Don’t blame me for your one-sided belief. Rioting and burning are illegal, meaning against the law, and this is what Antifa and BLM are doing. This activity for political gain is a crime against all of America and all Americans, including you.

The left, encompassing BLM and Antifa, have condoned the genocide of the minority races and have since Roe v. Wade. Check your history.

s/M. Stahlnecker


T-or-C, NM

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