We are now facing an unprecedented global emergency and collapse, the planet is in danger everywhere and we are in the midst of a mass extinction with 200 species going extinct every day.

How do we maintain our humanity and equanimity?

The scientific truth and facts regarding climate change have been documented and known for 30 years. Capitalistic society has chosen to ignore the facts due to greed. We are currently living in a world where we have an environmental crisis, which impacts our financial, social and emotional well being.

With polar ice caps melting at a faster rate than originally assessed, warmed ocean waters rise flooding coastal cities and islands all over the world; green house gases creating higher temperatures all over the world highest on record this past year.

Crops are unable to grow properly, fires are raging all over the world; people are attempting to migrate to improve their quality of life.

If we do not soon decide to live more sustainably with less dependency upon fossil fuels and if we do not stop deforestation, we will literally not have a planet, or anything for our children and our children’s children.

Climate Conference in Madrid this month is critical in impugning upon the powers that be to reduce emissions of Co2 to contain warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius and carbon neutral by 2025. We cannot stop climate change but can reduce some of threatening events coming down. The largest polluter, the USA has not been participating or taking real responsibility thus allowing the oil companies and big money to keep raking it in.

Despite the conflict, we have to join together and hold each other in order to influence the paradigm shift and change we need to have a hope of survival as a species. Renewable energy (solar, wind, etc.) must take the place of the oil, coal, nuclear, etc. devastation we have caused. We can reduce pollution, expand public transportation, and hold citizen’s assemblies, public banking – create more jobs for rewilding of our damaged ecosystems.

Our youth are angered and stepping up, skipping school and speaking out to have a chance at a stable future. No food, no future. How can we ignore them? Rebel for life.

Individual acts such as improving diet, planting trees, and greenhouses, not eating meat that’s been inhumanely raised, reducing consumerism and plastics and oil usage by not flying abroad, giving up jobs that are environmentally unfriendly. Masses of people all over are protesting, in the streets and politically, for climate justice and equality, to disrupt business as usual and bring attention to the problem. Nothing else has worked. Extinction Rebellion has begun in UK and spread to hundreds of other countries – a non-violent, educated, nature and life-loving, eclectic activist group willing to sacrifice, demonstrate, discuss, inform and work with others, even go to prison to Save the Children.

Government in a rut – stuck on stupid: same trivial gossip and hate activities repeated for many days, even weeks, years, etc. People are suffering and dying. If we carry on as we have been and are, and don’t stop and alter our course, within a year, the temperatures will increase faster and faster up to like 2 degrees Celsius and more, too hot for comfort or growing food.

I grieve our losses, the delusions and trauma with the world in collapse, but am feeling better to realize the truth, and that other people are with me in this. Doing what we can helps a lot. We demand a Green New Deal. It’s not easy being green. It’s urgent. Power to the People. Now.

s/Linda Rakestraw

2028 Cottonwood Ln.

T-or-C, NM

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