I’m sorry that you have succumbed to the voice of the mob and those who get their information from the mainstream media. I trust that you will return my call in order to clarify with each other the issues you felt necessitated your actions.

My articles are not opinion pieces and are always based on the concept of health, i.e. a healthy community follows the best practices to maintain the health of the community. In this case masks have been shown to do more harm than good although most folks in town are not exposed to both sides of the discussion and follow blindly the message from the MSM and the political mandates of our democrat governor. I have chosen to present the other point of view. In the, I paste the articles and include the science and articles to back up what I say. I doubt if you have taken the trouble to check them out.

It is very dangerous to let yourself be ruled by the mob and base the only newspaper in town on what the sheep believe and want. I have felt from your comments in the paper that you have experienced the frustration and insanity when trying to keep the 4H/FAA events and reporting on the arrogance of dealing with those at the lake who have lost knowing who they work for and the job they should be doing... it is all about health.

For them, it’s about power and control. This pandemic has brought out the worst and stifled the best in us. It is critical that we have dialog about these issues in our community and by censoring the 'City of Health,' you add to the rule of the mob. I did not break any 'trust' you felt we might have had. It is time to address the real health issues, if nothing else but for the children.

I am grateful to you for the opportunity to provide various aspects of personal and community health for the last two years, not missing a weekly issue, for no monetary benefit. I feel that if I was able to help one person change for the better in this effort, I have done my job.


s/Jack Noel

T-or-C, NM

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