[The] Truth or Consequences Animal Shelter was recently placed under new management as of January 21, 2020. Then a new "shelter manager" was hired. As a result of the current changes, the T-or-C animal shelter's 501(c)(3) animal rescue, foster and adoption programs have suffered a significant negative impact, resulting in shelter animals’ lives being placed at risk of euthanasia. 

We as petitioners and community members of Sierra County seek to reinstate the Shelter's Foster program, life saving 501(c)(3) Rescue Involvement, and improving Public Adoption protocols and accessibility. 

Sierra County Commissioners, City Mayor, Managers, and Commissioners are being asked to require T-or-C animal shelter employees to adhere to shelter's adoption policies in regards to the public, 501(c)(3) animal rescues and the foster program. We seek non-discrimination and bias towards adopter's, rescue advocates and shelter volunteer's.

This petition was created after multiple established 501(c)(3) animal rescue groups tried pulling animals at risk for euthanasia from T-or-C shelter and were met with adversity. Companion animals were literally on a shelter euthanasia list; after these animals had already been tagged for rescue and transports arranged. If not for dedicated volunteer's scrambling last minute to personally adopt or board, these animals would have lost their lives.

Public adoptions have been minimized and even halted multiple times over the past eight weeks due to personal adoption appointments being disregarded, ‘First come, First serve Adoption policies’ not being adhered to, as well as potential adopter's being discriminated against without legitimate established cause. Shelter animals in Foster programs are not safe either. Foster volunteers have been contacted and offered euthanasia options for shelter pets in their care.

Sierra County animal advocates and community member sincerely ask the Sierra County Commissioners, Sierra County Manager, and City Commissioners to uphold the protocols and procedures in place. As well as encourage and promote positive growth within T-or-C animal shelter's animal welfare policies and animal care management. 

Please help us show the T-or-C shelter staff and T-or-C City Management, that Sierra County animals’ lives matter.

For more information please contact erinonti@gmail.com.

s/Erin S. Ontiveros


Elephant Butte, NM

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