The Biggest Human Caused Threat to Birds is Outdoor Cats! Cats were brought to America in the 1600's. With over 400 million cats globally, the U.S. now boasts over 73 million feral (wild, stray, homeless) cats.

All cats (domestic and feral) kill 3.7 Billion birds in the U.S. annually! Over 123 bird species are extinct (globally) due to cats.

Cities are in danger of being overrun by cats. A male cat can breed as early as four months. A female can breed as early as five months. Cats routinely birth four kittens, five times per year… per cat!

TNR (trap neuter release) does not save birds! Bird species are vanishing globally, nationally and statewide. The birds in T-or-C are especially vulnerable because the humans do not spay or neuter in an attempt to limit the population.

It is past time to pass a mandatory spay and neuter law for cats of breeding age! If you have a show cat (and the CFA recognizes 44 show breeds) perhaps you might have a litter to continue a unique and beautiful breed. Cats are wonderful companions. I own a cat (castrated, vaccinated, tagged and healthy). But too many cats (especially stray/feral cats) will hunt and kill all of the birds.

The songbirds are vanishing. The yards are silent. What can you do? Push for a county wide mandatory spay and neuter law now! Multiple cities and counties nationally (even in New Mexico) have passed these laws.

Why wait? Cat owners also can checkout Birdsbesafe cat collars.

s/Deborah Martin

T-or-C, NM

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