What an interesting time it has been running a political campaign. Until my recent decision to run for City Commission, my experience with politics had been limited to putting signs in my yard, writing the occasional fund-raising check for candidates whom I whole-heartedly supported, and following current events online and in the local newspaper. This campaign has been such an eye-opener for me.

One item of concern that continues to emerge is the representation of special interests. I would like to take this opportunity to remind the community of my campaign slogan: one of us, for all of us. That is my pledge to the citizens of Truth or Consequences. If elected, I give you my solemn promise that I will be representing all of you fairly and equally.

My support thus far has been from a broad spectrum of interested parties. I have backing from Republicans, Democrats and Independents, liberals and conservatives, newcomers and long-time residents. I believe that is one of the strengths I bring to the table; I offer a bridge of reconciliation and compromise between ideologically diverse groups and interests.

You may have read that plans are established in the multitude of counselors. I believe the wisdom of that. It is my intention to be available to all citizens. While I welcome input from all, ultimately my decisions will be what I believe to be in the best interests of the community as a whole and not a particular individual or special interest group. Every voice needs to be heard. Our city cannot succeed if the desires of the few are given greater consideration than the needs of all. Everyone will be given a chance to speak.

I would further like to ensure the voters that I am a person of varied background. I have strong financial experience. The time I spent working in banking gave me the opportunity to understand investment strategy, profit and loss, balance sheets, and creating and adhering to a budget. As this is the primary responsibility of our City Commission, I believe my background makes me ideal for this position.

Water is a major issue in the American southwest. T-or-C is certainly no exception to this. Again, my work history lends strength to my suitability. I work with water. I drill and service water wells, bringing life to the desert. Water systems, water issues and infrastructure are areas with which I am intimately acquainted. Our city desperately needs someone who understands these issues and is willing to ask the difficult questions of those responsible for making repairs. In addition to understanding the budget for upgrades and repairs we need someone who understands the technical aspects.

I am not a bureaucrat. I’m not intimately acquainted with government operations. What I am is a fast-learning long-time local with the needed experience to make a difference in Truth or Consequences. I know finance, I know water, and I know how to fairly represent ALL of the people of T-or-C. I’m Brendan Tolley, candidate for City Commission Position No. 4. I am One of Us, For All of Us.


s/Brendan Tolley

Candidate, City Commission, Position 4


(Paid Political Letter)

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