29,934 deaths, 2,804,900 injuries have followed COVID-19 jabs in European Database of Adverse Reactions – many corporate journalists have experienced Pericarditis after Pfizer killer-jabs.

Did you know an incredible given written paper of a 261-page Chinese military document in 2015 described exactly how coronaviruses could be used as bioweapons, and now death-scientists want to put vaccines in production! 

The jabbed are dropping dead in plain view, with those that have eyes to see. It’s official that felony-Fauci has to admit that jabbed people of every age are getting sick, methinks the third booster will cause many to fall ill by January 2022. Worldwide, sport figures are dying on fields and courts. Parents, don't sacrifice your children to the Big Pharma-Molech.

Lastly, researchers have identified a version of a gene that doubles a person's risk of severe COVID-19 and doubles the risk of death from the disease for people under 60. 

The gene, LZTFL1, is involved in the regulation of lung cells in response to infection. When the risky version of the gene is present, cells lining the lungs seem to do less to protect themselves from infection with the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. The gene version that raises COVID-19 risk is present in 60% of people of South Asian ancestry, 15% of people of European ancestry, 2.4% of people with African ancestry and 1.8% of people with East Asian ancestry. More to come!

Take Zinc, Vitamin-C, Vitamin D3, and Elderberry daily and just maybe you won't catch anything this winter.

s/Gerald Boland


T-or-C, NM

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