Washington D.C. and blue states are sick, corrupted, coercive swamps. We the People have no choice but to reclaim them! The mass migration allowing hundreds of thousands of criminals and ignorant people inclined to collect ‘free’ government handouts into the country is not happening by accident, it is the planned destruction of America by changing the demographics to an impoverished third-world country.

Baphomet-Biden told illegal aliens to surge the U.S. border, in one of the most destructive and arguably treasonous acts in modern U.S. history. The U.N. globalists want America to house over 550 million, with a great majority that will bring third-world culture failures that trash our Christian Constitutional Ethos.

If Protestant and Catholic missionaries hadn’t blanketed the world the last 190 years, most indigenous people would still be practicing cannibalism, human sacrifice and utter mutilation of tribal enemies. Thank God for Christian missionaries! Mass migration is a nuclear warhead, as far as the political-Marxist-left is concerned placed like locust at America’s throat.

The Benedict-Biden regime is determined to install a voting block of No Tracking, No Court Date, No COVID Test illegal aliens to compensate for the fact that real Americans are against the Marxist democrat party. There are no mandatory vaccinations and no contact tracing for these illegal aliens, but YOUR life is altered and Nuremberg Code violated because of Covid restrictions/vaccine mandates.

Senator Rand Paul charged that NIAID director Anthony Fauci is purposefully acting ignorant on the benefits of natural immunity to COVID because it would ‘foil his mass vaccination plan,’ that everyone needs to be vaccinated is a bunch of nonsense. There was a statistic if you’re 85, your chances of dying are 10,000 times greater than if you’re 10. Should we treat a 10-year-old the same we treat an 85-year-old?

Insanity Rules in the U.S. as hospitalizations and deaths among vaccinated “Breakthrough” Cases Surge while health authorities blame the “Unvaccinated” the CDC fraud allows hospitals to classify dead vaccinated people as “unvaccinated deaths”

America! Stand against fraud! More to come!

s/Gerald Boland


T-or-C, NM

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