Trains rarely derail because they’re measured with a ‘track gauge’. Imagine if tracks were laid down with best guess or emotional subjectivity? That’s the fraud of the RT-PCR test. PCR never had a valid reference for Sars-Cov-2 aka COVID-19. ‘Every test’ of positive or negative is ‘false positives’ and ‘false negatives’ cases!

This Notice and Evidence of Truth in Advertising Fraud, Mass Money Laundering, Medicare and Medicaid Fraud and Racketeering are being reported under 18 U.S.C. Section 4 Misprision. This report requires all 50 states and 3,000 plus counties to arrest federal and state personnel.

The PCR test was reduced from 40 cycles to 25 cycles after Resident Beijing-Biden took office. The purpose is to make it appear like the lockdowns and masks are working to defeat the Chinese Virus. Vaccinated people are now being tested at 28 PCR cycles, which almost guarantees a “negative” COVID-19 result. A 40-cycle threshold produces a 97 percent false positive rate.

The U.S. Centers Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), openly admits that two different PCR tests (cycles) are now being used for the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. CDC uses a 40+ cycle threshold to inflate the number of Covid-19 cases and generate fear based on ‘presumption,’ not deaths.

Test the unvaccinated at 43-45 cycles = 96.5% False positives. But now they will test vaccinated people at 28 cycles and poof! The vaccine magically works because the false positives come down.

In other words, if you receive a Franken-kill-shot injection and are later tested with one of these lower cycle count PCR tests, you will more than likely test “negative.” If you have not been injected, then your PCR test will use a higher cycle count, more than likely resulting in a “positive” result.

If you die 14 days after the first and/or second shot, they declare you as unvaccinated. If you die within 28 days of the false positive PCR, even if in a car wreck, it’s tallied as COVID-19!

It’s all fraud! New Mexico Sheriffs must arrest the executive branch!

More to come!

s/Gerald Boland

T-or-C, NM

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