If you ask a 2-4 year-old where orange juice comes from, they will refer you to the refrigerator and probably the store. Many would be unaware of the grove, pickers, packers, processors, and shippers. Hold that thought.

Remember the hit-television show “Are You Smarter than a Fifth-Grader?” America loved the show, but educator’s malfeasances were exposed to all, the fact that even PhDs that appeared weren’t up to the challenge! The show demonstrated that our society operates at the second and third-grade level, down to a two-year-old level.

Case in point, a fifth-grader might ask how small a virus is, learn that it’s so small it can only be seen under a highly-magnified electron-microscope, Thereby learning a virus passes through the off-the-shelf-masks as a gnat through a completely rolled down window on your automobile!

Said another way, if the government ordered all buckets to not have a sealed bottom, but a complete open bottom, would people have laughed at the absurdity? For sure! But the masses have accepted the absurdity that masks work! Revealing they’re 2-4 years old on different subjects!

Allow me to reveal some things, to bring you up to the level of a fifth-grader. Years ago the Satanic-Plutocratic-Globalists-Oligarchs decided to manufacturer three concocted threats to humanity i.e. Climate, Invasion from Space Aliens and Bio-warfare of Viruses! For 80 years the military have perfected weather warfare!

Did you know (depending on humidity) there is always 8-12 feet of water above your heads in the atmosphere? Meaning every forest fire could be extinguished with cloud seeding!

But, they instead use weather modification to cause chaos and convince us of global warming to implement Agenda-21, Agenda-2030 and Agenda-2050, which are depopulation, destroy Capitalism, destroy liberty and return humanity to serfdom. So, some will roll their eyes but technology exists to cause-control-stop floods, droughts, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes and tornados.

As any toolbox, they can manipulate the weather and the narrative to enslave humanity. The recent hurricane-storm-Ida could have been manipulated, as with ‘Operation Popeye’ in Vietnam War deliberately flooded many!

More to come!

s/Gerald Boland


T-or-C, NM

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