It’s not incompetence, its treason! Many want you to believe that Barabbas-Biden’s usurpations are from incompetence, that way as you excuse the misbehavior of a two-year-old, he’ll get away with treason! Judas-Goat-Joe and his administration of traitors to America are carrying out the globalist plans to destroy America and the world!

The richest families (Luciferian Eugenicists’) of the world want 7 billion dead by the year 2030, definitely by 2050!

Both federal and state scoundrel governments have gone rogue! Nuremberg code and Helsinki code are continuously violated by ‘all’ governments on planet earth! When even utility companies install ‘SmartMeters’ on your home, you will become neurologically ill and vascular compromised. You’ll stop sleeping, and you’ll get ill. They have violated the Nuremberg Code!

Destroying America’s energy independence by curtailing the pipelines and development of energy, forcing once again dependence on foreign oil is not incompetence, its treason! Inflating the currency to destroy the dollar as the world’s reserve currency isn’t incompetence, its treason!

To leave American’s deliberately in the hands of the Taliban, who are going door-to-door to slaughter innocents from the list given them is not incompetence, its treason! To give $85 billion worth of state-of-the-art sophisticated weapons to terrorists’ isn’t incompetence, its treason!

The chief responsibility and Constitutional role of our government is to protect the rights of the individual “Forcing any person to receive one of these COVID-19 injections is a violation of Nuremberg code and Helsinki code as well as state and federal law.” Just because prostitution is legal in the state of Nevada, should all be required to be sex-workers to buy and sell and participate in commerce?

Large-scale study finds that masking students is ineffective and a form of child abuse! People are tired of being lied to by bureaucrats! People everywhere are dying from mental illness, lockdowns, masks, “vaccines,” and other fake medical interventions! Mask mandates are about politics and control, not science. All of this vitiates informed consent! The resistance begins NOW! Visit

People! Stop being Sheeple! More to come!

Gerald Boland

T-or-C, NM

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