It’s hard to try and keep your spending dollars in the county. Not everyone has money to upgrade the house so the spending decisions are smaller and many. It’s hard to always shop at Bullocks, cause Walmart has stuff they don’t have and they’re cheaper. Amins and Beals are no longer here cause it’s easier to shop online at Kohls and Home Depot and Denver Mattress and have it shipped cheap or free.

These decisions hurt GRT revenue, they matter.

I have a fridge, washer and dryer, couch and loveseat and two rooms of carpeting in my house from Amins. A lot of that money was then spent in town by Amins. Same thing with eating at McDonalds and Sonic. Other than local employees, the money goes to corporate. Forgo the happy meal and eat local.

It took three and a half weeks to get my bodywork done at Sierra Collision because it was “Elk Hunting Season,” but if I did it at Ford in Las Cruces, that money is gone. Freddie will spend some of the money here.

My wife is a vegetarian and I don’t like Asian food, we don’t like southern food and we’re from Chicago so we don’t eat pizza here. So with a lot of local restaurants closed Saturday and Sunday night, we eat dinner out during the week as we’re not breakfast and lunch people.

Bigfoot is remodeled; go check it out. My personal taste sometimes makes it hard to keep my dollars here. Don’t like kids’ movies, animated, teenage adventure flicks, superhero movies, war movies, I like adult movies. Since October I think I’ve only seen Rambo, Little Women and Bad Boys here. Although I do own a Diane Campbell, a Susan Todd, a Linda Star and 2 Carlis Chee paintings, all locally bought, not really looking for any more art. Unless David Larcom who’s doing murals around town would like to do a mural on my garage! Not on social media, so I left him a card at the Ace Motel. Call me – Please!

Local business decisions also affect where the money goes. Ashbaugh and the rest of the local gas stations price gouging locals, snowbirds and lake visitors doesn’t help. When I want to go to ‘Cruces for medical, I always fill up and fill a couple extra five-gallon cans. People don’t like being robbed. Paid $2.15 a gallon down there just last week. Once we leave for ‘Cruces for a medical appt. or movie, like just mercy the money drain accelerated cause were going to Sam’s Club, Kohls, filling up on cheap gas and eating at the Olive Garden or Chili’s and GNC with the niece college student. Never go down there for just one thing, and next thing you know we’ve spent $415 cause I want a mature movie, Italian food and don’t want overpriced Ashbaugh gas. Try not to do it more than once a month but been a lot of stuff down there this winter.

I could do better; we could do better. Just had my water heater replaced by MPG services… nice people. Local is important – just saying.

s/S.M. Zeschke

(Over 350 words paid)

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