Beavers are nature’s engineers and some of the best dam builders on Earth. For the last six years, we have enjoyed watching a family of beavers build a dam across the Rio Grande, just above T-or-C’s sewer plant when the water delivery in the river is shut off.

We have made it a point to stop and view the beavers’ work daily on our morning walk. Every spring, when the water flows, the dams wash out, but nonetheless, the beavers have returned each year to rebuild their dam once more. That is until about two weeks ago, when a piece of equipment, such as a backhoe, pulled the dam apart and the beavers were killed as they attempted to repair the breach.

A wonder of nature has been violated. For what reason? I can think of none, but now there is a void in the river. What kind of hate and malevolence for these simple creatures would motivate a person to kill them and destroy their work? Our stretch of river is much the worse for the loss. I just wish I knew who the vagrants are… and why.

s/Jim Paxon

T-or-C, NM

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