Today I was refused to set an appointment with a doctor at Sierra Clinic for the express purpose of having my heart medications re-prescribed. These meds were prescribed by a cardiologist in my home state of Maryland over seven years ago. I know they work. Whenever I've forgotten to take them for two to three days, chest pains occur. I then take these meds and within a half hour to an hour the chest pains leave.

All I've been attempting to do is get these meds re-prescribed. Karen Fiata, a "Provider," has been standing in my way to have these meds re-prescribed. Less than a week ago she did re-prescribe Isosorbide, but then left word that I should look for another doctor or "Provider." She has refused to see me. She doesn't even have the decency to speak with me.

I have been operated on 17 times. Thirteen of these operations were to replace my right ear. I was born without that appendage. I refused any more of these operations after I turned 13. I was told I still had four or five more to complete the construction of this ear. I've had my fill of doctors for two lifetimes.

All I want is to be ensured that I will continue to have these meds prescribed. Simple. I'm 79 years old and I don't need to be told anything else other than the meds are here for me to take. I do not need any "authority" to tell me what I may or may not have. This is my body and my life, not that of any doctor. If I make decisions that cause me complications or added illnesses, that is my right and my responsibility.

For medical staff to refuse medications that could cause my death or contribute to further illnesses is irresponsible and negligent and flat-out without my consent.

So long as anyone, doctor, lawyer or Indian chief, approaches me with a holier-than-thou countenance of authority, I will continue to respond with contempt. I'm a customer, along with millions of others. We make it possible for you to enjoy your inflated incomes...

s/Bill Ernstberger


T-or-C, NM

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