Dear T-or-C:

The comments in quotes below are from Sloan’s Sierra County Sun article and were made by Mayor Whitehead at 5/13 Commission meeting. She seems upset that our citizens want an evening meeting workers can attend. In fact, she is upset with the public comments altogether – read on…

1) “Public comment was done away with at the second meeting of the month because “It is the same group that comes to complain,” Whitehead said. “It is a handful of people. We are talking about making a drastic change for a handful of people.” 

2) “We were elected by the people to do a job,” Whitehead said. “If the community wants to be involved, why are we here?” 

3) Mayor Whitehead spoke the longest, arguing for meetings to remain at 9 a.m., when “we are fresher” and staff doesn’t have to be paid overtime to attend evening meetings. “Can we afford it, especially at this time?”

If Mayor Whitehead is wondering why she is there, I am, too! Overtime is expensive, hours run late. Really? But the former commission was okay with agreeing to spend $1M on electric meters and raise the water rates when the delivery systems for both utilities are shown as inefficient and wasteful. 

Isn’t it too bad the citizens want input? Isn’t it too bad it comes from the same “complainants”? I personally like the idea somebody is watching the store for us all.

Our Mayor’s obvious resentment at hearing from her own constituency is chilling. As to her disingenuous question “What are we here for?” I would respond To Represent The People Accurately, to manage the money more efficiently and to understand by way of public commentary that which is of concern to the people.

Her attitude broadcasts an unwillingness to hear us. We wear her out. She can pay the overtime out of what we are paying her to be there, no? But perhaps she needs to tuck into beddy-bye and miss the meetings. Thanks for your wonderful support, Ms. Mayor! 

Thank you.

s/Carol Borsello

T-or-C, NM

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