“Smart” meters are scheduled to be installed in our homes in September and October. Our city owns our electric company. We serve Williamsburg (which cannot vote on our electric company policies.)

The two cities have about 6,500 people and about 3,500 meters. Rebuilt electric meters might cost $12 to $24 each, and new ones cost about $40 each.

So a $40 meter times 3,900 customers is about $136,000. Our current meters are working fin, so this is an unnecessary expense.

Apparently we have two meter-readers now, which costs the city $60,000 a year.

So, why spend $1 million on new meters? This is a waste of our money.

I wonder if the $1 million for the seven radio frequency towers and 3,500 “smart” meters is not the total expense? Is there extra money going to be spent for the computer experts to run this system?

Let’s have financial responsibility and not waste our money on this unnecessary expense.

Oh yeah, citizens signed a petition to vote if we want to spend all this money on “smart” meters. This is maximum public input. The city council voted to not have this election. What are they afraid of? We voted on ATV/OAV allowed on city streets and the $3.2M police station. Let’s have fiscal responsibility and maximum public input.

s/Martin Mijal


T-or-C, NM

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