Once again the Truth or Consequences Turtle Ascension at HealingWaters Plaza was a great and fun success. We would like to thank all those who have contributed to help us make this happen for the folks of T-or-C and it's visitors. Thank you to Jeff Dukatt of Dukatt Tie-Dye who has supported us from the beginning. Also to the Sierra County Arts Council, T-or-C Chamber ofCommerce, and Suzi Brandt of the Cobblestone. Thanks also to the city of T-or-C for allowing us to use Healing Waters Plaza for this event and to OJ Hechler of the Parks Department who coordinated with other city departments to make sure we had all we needed to make the event a success. Also, special thanks to Mesilla Healing Arts for supplying hot drinks during the event and kid power to help us with the set up and running of the event itself. 

Also, thanks to the many people, both locals and those from out of state, who showed up to celebrate the New Year with us. One couple from SanAntonio, TX had attended a previous Ascension and came back this year specifically to attend this year. Another out of state family was thrilled to carry Teresa Tortuga in the procession leading up to the Ascension, to the sound of noisemakers and loud cheers from celebrants.

If you are interested in helping with the next Turtle Ascension we welcome any and all. From setting up the actual event, to artwork, parades and special event appearances by Teresa or just good ideas we can use the help. Contact Sue at the T-or-C Chamber of Commerce for our meeting dates and times or numbers we can be reached at.

Again, many thanks.

s/Diane Lombardo

The Turtle Ascension Committeecozdidi@aol.com

T-or-C, NM

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