Two days into the next decade and we need to be talking about us against the problems in our community. I, like Frances, am sick of the contrived drama on the national level that I can do nothing about. I can, however, help solve the problems in my own community, and that is where I will put my energy this New Year. It is the only place where my vote really counts.

We have a city commission election coming up in March with three open seats. As you read this (Friday 1/3/20), we have three business days to register as candidates for this election. Please think about running. Apply for a Declaration form at the city clerk’s office, fill it out and get notarized (clerk can do it) and then turn it in on Tuesday the 7th of January. A form is available to designate someone else to turn it in. Then the 14th is the last day to be a Write in Candidate or withdraw your Declaration.

This is a very critical election and we should all consider running to return control of this community to us, the people. You need no experience; the people, if given a voice will guide you. You will represent them and they will support you if you act in their interest. If you support the Constitution the Advocates for the City of Health and other concerned voters will support you – providing background and research information on important topics.

•Return the voice of the people to our community government. Over the past couple of years the ability of the voters to provide input into the functions of government have been reduced, reducing citizen input into the city commission meetings by 50% to three minutes and reducing input into the PUAB to three minutes with no rebuttal/discussion.

•Increase transparency; provide more information/education on public issues.

•More public hearings on important issues.

•Actively create mechanisms to solicit public input on future community directions.

•Fewer executive sessions and more adherences to the Open Meetings Act.

•Financial/Fiscal Responsibility: Economic analysis (cost benefit analysis) done on each and every economic expenditure. Reduction of city debt, cut waste, increase efficiency – set priorities

Electoral reform: Implement 'at large' voting, one vote for entire slate of candidates. Top five in vote counts take the seats. End voting for each seat. Implement public debates on issues and direction before each election.

Opt. in to the Local Elections Act (LEA) which allows State payment for local elections and citizen petition initiatives. (opted out of by our city clerk

with no community input)

•No Smart meters – homeowner solar collector reform. Allow electric users to send in their own readings each month with bill payment. Fix the entire billing/payment system with emphasis on upgrading deteriorated infrastructure and employee training. Support the benefits to homeowners for solar installations. Renegotiate both electricity purchases and solar farm contracts. Establish limits for Electro Magnetic Radiation (EMR) throughout the community

•Implement Fiber optic throughout the community

We will support those who support the owners of this city – the voters. This New Year will be full of challenges that we as community can weather... together. If everyone does a little, fewer have to do a lot. If you do not run, register to vote and then Vote.

s/Jack Noel

T-or-C, NM

(Over 350 words paid)

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