After listening to last two COVID updates on Thursdays by the governor, she sounds like my mother used to right before she grounded me for a week when I was a kid. Wouldn’t be surprised if she shut down indoor dining, salons and schools again. She knows people are going to be on the move for Thanksgiving and Christmas no matter what she says, so she’s gonna make sure there’s nothing to do when you get there. Hope I’m wrong.

Also sorry to see the for sale sign on the El Cortez Theatre. Congratulations Governor. Maybe go work for Joe Biden.

Loved to see all the smiling faces of the kids with their animals in the paper after the county fair livestock competition. Great job kids, I’m sure it was a lot of work and perseverance. As a kid from the steel mill in the south Chicago suburbs, I don’t know much about 4H, but I have a warm fuzzy feeling about my $100 donation.

I’m going to make a donation to MainStreet for Halloween bags for the kids because I used to love Halloween when I was a kid. MainStreet T-or-C P.O. Box 1602 T-or-C NM 87901 or

Also, still 8 million unemployed mostly in restaurant and service sector and counting, especially if the Grinch, I mean the governor locks things down again I still try to give six or seven dozen cans of soup to the food pantry once a month. St. Stephens Episcopal Church gives out food once a month, also. 575-740-0160. The need not going away any time soon. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Lastly, please vote no on letting the governor appoint Public Regulation Commission (PRC) members. Regulation of wastewater, methane emissions and mining tailings shouldn’t be decided by appointed political hacks. This is not to say I’m against fracking and mining, but the party in power should be able to potentially pack the commission. Not that the voters are always informed, but I trust them more.

Just saying.

s/SM Zeschke

T-or-C, NM

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