The U.S.A. and the planet are a shadow of itself – climate emergency (Coronavirus included) and our failure to address it has stolen our strength and our future.

Emergency – environmental events or combinations of events emerging out of the woodwork about which something must be done immediately. An emergency is a crisis and the facts of the matter are that these extreme climate and weather events are happening, increasing and combining – resulting in ecological collapse, mass migration, societal breakdown, etc. and which we are witnessing. It is, however, a long term more permanent, rather than traditional emergency – (a conscious choice we have to make) whether to continue we pray that is possible, down this path of crisis and grief (an active regenerative culture) or the imposed consciousness, which is taking us to destruction as we speak.

Can’t rush the rebellion. What are we working toward and demanding? Need open space and time for people to go deep and grow, taking empathy to the streets – where the public can come and be heard. Only rules are that people really listen and not talk over each other. Mourning our losses (ecosystems and species, etc.) and our fears in public eases the pain.

Sorry to report: 11,000 scientists can’t be wrong. Already there is untold human and animal suffering with prospects of billions more. We can’t feed ourselves. People are now standing in blocks, long lines at food pantries all over the U.S. (stimulus packages seem to have stopped). Covid-19 recent surge outbreaks and greatly increased numbers of infections and deaths is the result of people’s impatience to return to work and old ways before it is safe or desirable to do so. God helps those who help themselves, and we not talking about those greedheads who been lying to the masses and hoarding the money they make off broken backs.

How are we dealing with threats facing us: we have now to switch away from fossil fuels, meat consumption and other unhealthy patterns as we have been living, cope and stop forest and farmland loss, get control of our own water and air we breathe, and our social, democratic justice with focus on health and equality. Hunger has tripled in just the past few years. Carbon dioxide levels have risen by 60% since the ‘90s when we were led to believe they reduced. Our job and moral obligation is improving behavior and convincing the government and oil and nuclear industries who’ve lied about it for 30 years that we have to halt these emissions and pollution to have any chance of staying below our goal of 1.5 and under 2 degrees which will become unlivable.

There are fires out west in the U.S. and big storms back east. Hunger and poverty is increasing, no work and aid ended for millions of children, students, and continuing evictions increase the numbers of homeless despite the continuing spread of Covid-19. Temperatures keep rising, ice is melting, and seas are flooding.

We’re in a battle that has to be fought nonviolently and righteously – against the forces of death and destruction, against the elites in “Richistan” of their gated communities and underground bunkers, who helicopter to work and fly private jets for world travel.

War and warmongers without end, control and suck our pocketbooks and our souls dry. Homegrown hate and violence, guns, and massacres. Huge, brutal prison system and lack of justice. Demonization, racism and police brutality against the marginalized: poor, blacks, homeless, immigrants – prisons filled with harmless, (victimless) drug offenders. It’s the system that’s broken, not individual choices.

People, corporations, etc. are selling false hope. No time left. (Writers don’t specialize in hope – we need cold rational assessment of forces arrayed against us. We have to act to have hope.) Peacemakers are taking to the streets armed with signs and the power of truth in civil disobedience and direct action. We are the majority and are stronger than hate. We can unscrew the system. We are.

We’re being robbed as I speak – billionaires have gotten richer since the pandemic – Bezos (Amazon), Zuckerberg (Facebook), etc. (55 million workers have lost their jobs). Why are the rich getting a large portion like 80% of stimulus money? Until we control the pandemic, there is no economic future – health over wealth.

What are kids being taught or learning in school anyway? How to continue business as usual – cutting off mountaintops for coal? They’ve never had survival skills (homesteading, gardening, off grid etc.) They need them now. Regenerative agriculture – nature has rights too. Connecting folks to the land and farming – to be stewards of the land, to restore destruction. The kids don’t want to starve or burn up. They don’t want to suffer a horrible life and tormented death. (They need the fundamental principles of democracy: know who is speaking. Info is put out with no requirement to say on whose behalf they speak.) It’s not a balanced or accurate worldview they are presented with, there’s too much rote learning and the kids are bored because the material isn’t presented in an interesting manner. We are also hoping student debt will be cancelled to give them a break in starting out.

Furthermore: it is unfortunate what has and is happening that we need to admit that we have failed and that we are going to fail to escape this – human caused climate decline and breakdown is mainly locked in. Economic system is squeezing and draining every penny, every drop, every tree and has been for decades past the point of sustainability or sanity.

We are not going to prevent this disaster, nor reverse it or wish it away. We can lessen the severity if we go for it – and give it our best shot, get serious at adaption. We can follow transformative adaption to work with nature – restore wetlands, water, forests, air and grow food. Trying to keep our old system going is going off the cliff. What can we (I) do in our community? We need community resilience and to assure a solid food supply.

This Covid-19 is our wake up call to face and adjust to the dire threats we are up against. We do not want to create panic. We want all to live and for our children and our Mother Earth too. We are vulnerable and in a risky situation – living love of God in time of crisis. To learn how the way we live our lives effects on the world and other people, how to work on changing behavior, and how we can live happily in this messed up world.

s/Linda Rakestraw

2028 Cottonwood

T-or-C, NM

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