Governments elected by the people and for us seem to believe their way is always the best way. But the best governing includes measures, which are taken based on thoroughly investigated, verifiable, evaluative decisions, made by interested, responsive leaders who have fact-checked the product and solicited maximum input from those they represent.

In the instance of the unanimous decision made by city commissioners to adopt Smart Meters, a decision made with neither research nor in-depth analysis on whether they will do the job in a clean efficient manner, should be unacceptable. Add to that the decision was made without any public commentary or reaction when these are being installed on all our houses, but not the downtown businesses.

Even a cursory search on the internet points fingers toward Smart Meters emitting high radiation and much data concerning suspicion of their overheating causing fires. Are these acceptable risks to experiment whether the units will actually provide what the salesman said? It calls to mind the old joke, “Believe this and I have bridge to sell you.” What are the measures to recoup the $1M price tag and do they involve a pass-through to we, the consumers?

The PRC rejected PNM’s bid for Smart Meters for a plethora of reasons, from lack of research to unknown long-term effects, among many others. Will Sierra County become the experimental (experiential) zone for increased radiation risks, later to be touted as “first in” on a deal rejected by pretty much the rest of New Mexico? How do you feel about being an experiment for not only radiation but also data privacy concerns?

I believed it when Mom said, “Take it, this is good for you!” but not so much when my city government makes a unilateral decision based solely on what the sales guy said. Let’s stand up to urge them to do the research involved, both as to whether Smart Meters are a viable solution to the city’s electrical efficiencies and to the health concerns raised by increasing local radiation emissions mounted on the walls of our hard-won homes.

s/Carol Borsello

T-or-C, NM

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